Top 10 Community Service Ideas for Families

Community service is catching on as millions of people choose to give some of their skills and time to projects meant for the community. Engaging in community service activities is a great way for anyone to give back to their community while getting the chance to meet new people, learn important skills and make a good contribution to society. If you want your family members to be good citizens and not just members of the community, it’s important that you teach them the value of community involvement. Below are family community service ideas that can make a difference.

Plant trees or a garden where the whole community can enjoy it. Unlike other types of service work, planting trees and taking care of gardens allows children to be active physically and see the fruits of their labor.


Clear weeds and picking debris around the neighborhood. This ensures that the environment is kept clean for everyone.


Visit a nursing or seniors home as a family. This will encourage your kids the importance of loving and caring for people. This may also encourage how to cut spending and save money. 


Teach seniors on how to use computers and the internet. Although it seems that everyone has computer skills nowadays, there are senior citizens who don’t even know how to use them. Seniors will feel comfortable learning from the seniors and your kids will learn something as well.


Volunteer at local animal shelters. Activities here may include cleaning the animals, feeding them and playing with them.


Collect supplies and foods needed by animals and taking them to animal shelters. These items will be used to care for the animals in these shelters.


Cooking and donating food and other basic items to the homeless.


Read items such as newspapers, magazines, books, etc for people in a nursing home.


Volunteer in a wildlife conservation habitat. This may involve collecting and getting rid of items such as plastics which may be harmful for the wildlife animals.


Collect food supplies from neighbors and taking them to your local food bank. These food supplies will be used to feed the homeless and the less fortunate.


These are some of the community service activities that you can engage in and contribute toward a better community.